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Photo No-No!TM is a whole new way of protecting your children from pornographic photographs on the Internet.  It blocks pornographic photographs as they enter your computer.  Not only does Photo No-No! block hundreds of thousands of KNOWN pornography sites, but every photograph entering your computer is scanned, using Image Analysis, for possible pornographic content. It does not depend on subscription services striving to keep up with ever changing Adult Image web sites. Photo No-No! works strictly from photographs entering your computer from the Internet over the web or email! You don't need to constantly update lists of objectionable sites or worry about changing site names. 

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Photo No-No! comes automatically ready to block the pornographic, or "bad" photos almost all of the time while letting "good" photos through almost all the time. The level of protection for your children can be raised or lowered by you.

As an added plus, you can also scan your hard drive, block sites, prevent adult images in e-mail, share good and bad lists, and more!

And, because Photo No-No! examines images entering your computer from the Internet, it does not depend on site names, on words, or on any particular language. Images from any Internet site, in any language, are filtered for possible pornography.

Photo No-No! has been trained millions of times to learn the difference between "good" photos and pornographic, or "bad" photos using the ERG Artificial Intelligence Image Analysis Engine (United States Patent 7,403,929 and Patents Pending). It works on a sliding scale, depending on your own family values. Photo No-No! works by looking at the contents of the images themselves to determine if a picture is pornographic, not the name of images or files.

What Photo No-No! users are saying:

“I couldn’t believe it. I felt as if a weight on my shoulders was now being shared!”
- William D.

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