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Since 1999, Photo No-No! has been trained millions of times to learn the difference between "good" photos and pornographic, or "bad" photos using the ERG Artificial Intelligence Image Analysis Engine (United States Patent 7,403,929 and Patents Pending). Photo No-No! works by looking at the contents of the images themselves to determine if a picture is pornographic, not the name of images or files.

  • Easy to download, easy to install. Photo No-No! works in the background discreetly.
  • Effortless default settings. Photo No-No! will correctly block the pornographic, or “bad” photos almost all of the time while letting ”good” photos through almost all the time.
  • Images from any Internet site, in any language, are filtered using Image Analysis scanning for possible pornography.
  • Prevents adult images in e-mail! All that spam going around, prevent adult images from showing up automatically in email you or your children receive.
  • Blocks hundreds of thousands of known pornographics websites automatically! 
  • Sliding Scale for settings.  The level of protection can be adjusted for your children, based on your family values.
  • Manual Site Blocking. As an added feature you can add specific web site names to be blocked by Photo No-No!
  • Good Sites List. Good sites can be entered so that photographs originating from that site or sites will not be scanned and potentially blocked.
  • Share Good And Bad Site Lists. The good and bad site lists that you create can be shared with your friends, family, and organizations by using our Export and Import features.
  • Scan Hard Drives. Examine all images already on your computer for pornographic photographs. See what your children may have already downloaded from the Internet.
  • Simple “time-out” for adults. Allows you to use the Internet without the active blocking, but you don’t have to re-set controls afterwards. Selected settings return automatically after a time period you select.
  • Photo No-No! works as a firewall between your browser and the Internet. It scans images as they enter your computer before the browser displays them. Therefore, it works with all browsers that support local proxy servers and all Internet Service Providers that support local proxy servers.
  • Photo No-No! works great with other Parental Controls , both with those built into your Internet browser and with those programs that block words and web sites such as Cyber Sitter or Net Nanny.
  • You, as a registered user, get all updates we distribute for Version 1.x, for Free!
  • The registered version is password protected from uninstall, setup changes, level changes, and Internet Explorer proxy level setting.


What Photo No-No! users are saying:

“I no longer fear letting little Evan play on the Internet.”
- Linda R.